Windscreen Replacement

we will carry out a comprehensive and timely Windscreen Replacement.

Windscreen Replacement

Replace or Repair Windscreen?

Before our technicians replace a windscreen, they always ask this question first. We always try to repair the damaged glass instead of replacing it. Repairing car glass is always the best option, but it’s not always possible. However, sometimes the damage is too large to fix, so we have to replace the whole glass. Cracked or broken windows need to be replaced, this goes for damage side and rear windows as well. We make sure that replacing the damaged glass matches the original.

What does the windscreen replacement process entail?

A new windscreen can typically be fitted by a professional technician in 1-2 hours, depending on how much preparatory work is needed. First, the old windshield is removed. The adhesive that held it in place is then cleaned off of the vehicle. Next, the new windshield is installed using a new adhesive. Finally, the new windshield is allowed to be set before the vehicle is driven again.

If the current windscreen is still in one piece, albeit chipped or cracked, removal is generally an uncomplicated task. The windscreen technician will secure the vehicle bonnet and dashboard from damage and grime with a protective cover. The wipers, rear view mirror, and any cameras or sensors will be disconnected and removed as required.

The next course of action is to break the glass free from the retaining seals and adhesive with a set of specialised tools, and then to remove the screen with glass handling equipment. The site will then need to be cleaned completely so that the new screen can be installed correctly.

The removal process is more complicated when the old windshield is broken or shattered. Not only will the site need to be cleaned up for the new screen, but the inside of the vehicle will also have to be rid of any shattered glass or debris. Replacing a shattered windscreen usually takes somewhat longer than simply swapping out a chipped one.

After the old windscreen has been taken out, the new glass will have a quick-drying adhesive placed around the edges and then be inserted carefully. The final steps are to reconnect the equipment that was disconnected and to check the windscreen to ensure that everything is working correctly and that it is totally sealed.

If the crack in your car glass, or the damage to any other glass parts of your vehicle, is beyond recovery, we will carry out a comprehensive and timely Windscreen Replacement. The high level of knowledge and capability of our technicians and our vast stock of varying glass make this possible.

The glass of your car needs to be kept in good condition. A cracked glass can obstruct a driver’s vision, it makes it difficult to see either the traffic or other road hazards. Even small chips can make problems. So don’t ignore it even small chips.

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